PCP Partner, Adrianna Czornyj, featured in Episode of Middle Market Growth Conversations

This week’s episode of the Middle Market Growth Conversations podcast features Adrianna Czornyj, a partner with Persistence Capital Partners, the only private equity firm in Canada focused exclusively on health care investing.

Czornyj addressed the question she’s asked most frequently: How do you invest in health care in a country with a public health care system?

She also spoke about the types of investments Persistence targets, the differences in health care regulations across provinces, and the growing number of U.S.-based private equity firms entering Canada to invest in the health care industry.

This episode was recorded during the 2018 Toronto ACG Capital Connection. Czornyj will serve as co-chair for the 2019 conference.

Here is a link to the podcast episode (also available via Apple Podcasts and Google Play): http://middlemarketgrowth.org/podcast-persistence-capital-partners-health-care-investing/

John Trang