AlliancePharma Announces Transformative Acquisitions and a Material Investment from Persistence Capital Partners

Materially Expands Presence in Pharmacy Services and Pharmaceutical Solutions Markets

Persistence Capital Partners (“PCP”) is pleased to announce that it has made a material investment in AlliancePharma Inc. (“AlliancePharma”, the “Company”) (TSXV: APA) to facilitate the Company’s acquisition growth strategy. The Company is in the midst of several transformative acquisitions having entered into agreements to acquire three companies. PCP’s investment will be used to both complete the transactions and strengthen the Company’s balance sheet for further organic and acquisitive growth. Pro-forma these acquisitions, AlliancePharma will have approximately $50 million in revenues, a workforce of approximately 100 employees and a network of approximately 750 allied health professional contractors.

Commenting on the investment, Stuart M. Elman, Managing Partner of PCP, said, “We are delighted to support the growth of AlliancePharma as it embarks on this exciting phase of its development, and to partner with talented entrepreneurs like Marc Lemieux and the management team at AlliancePharma.” Concurrent with this announcement, Mr. Elman has agreed to join the board of directors of AlliancePharma.

Marc Lemieux, President & Chief Executive Officer of AlliancePharma added, “We are delighted to announce our new relationship with PCP. As a strategic shareholder, we believe that PCP will contribute to our growth strategy. These three transformative acquisitions are essential to the strategy of AlliancePharma. Given the aging demographics of Canada, and the increasing pressures on the healthcare system, it is our belief that pharmacies will play an ever-increasing role in the healthcare system. With these acquisitions, AlliancePharma is well-positioned to provide a significantly expanded range of services to our pharmacy and pharmaceutical clients.”

Transaction Highlights


AlliancePharma has entered into acquisition agreements with:

  • ProJ Pharma (“ProJ”), a leader in the pharmacist staffing market in Quebec, a significant complement to the Company’s existing business;
  • Pharmapar and BioMed Pharma (“Pharmapar”), a leading generic medication distributor in the province of Quebec; and
  • LIV Communication (“LIV”), a leading medical communications agency for pharmaceutical firms

As part of these transactions, the leaders of each of the acquired entities will play an important role in continuing the growth and development of each of their businesses within AlliancePharma, and have agreed to take a material portion of the consideration in stock of AlliancePharma

Scope of Services

Following these acquisitions, the Company has regrouped its activities into two segments to better reflect its focus on the customers:

  • Pharmacy Services, which provides a range of services to pharmacies and pharmacists, including staffing, generic medication, and related services; and
  • Pharmaceutical Solutions, which provides a range of communications, training and other services to pharmaceutical firms in Canada.

Closing of the PCP investment is subject to certain conditions, including final approval by the TSX Venture Exchange, and the creation and issuance of the Preferred Shares.

About AlliancePharma

AlliancePharma is a leading solution and service provider to the pharmaceutical market. Today it is a respected name for quality and expertise among pharmacists. Its management team is guided by a vision of continuing to lead the way in Quebec while extending operations across Canada and internationally. Additional information on the Corporation is available at and on SEDAR at

About Persistence Capital Partners

Persistence Capital Partners is a private equity fund exclusively focused on high-growth opportunities in the healthcare field. With deep healthcare industry expertise, PCP aims to create significant long-term capital appreciation for its investors by identifying and developing attractive investment opportunities in the Canadian healthcare market.


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This press release contains forward-looking statements with regard to the following: the financial, cash flow, and growth prospects of the Corporation following the acquisitions; certain strategic benefits and operational synergies; corporation management following the merger; the anticipated closing date for the planned acquisitions; the anticipated earnings of AlliancePharma and the acquired entities; and the securing of financing from PCP. The pro forma information in this press release must not be construed as necessarily reflecting what the actual financial and other operating results would have been if AlliancePharma and acquisitions had operated together as a single unit during the cited periods.

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