Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health

Headquarters – Toronto, Ontario
Initial Investment – 2019


Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health opened in 2016 as a full-service fertility and IVF clinic. Anova is Canada’s first next-generation embryology laboratory, and is the leader in innovation, education, and communication for high quality patient centric fertility and reproductive care.

The team at Anova strives to set the international standard for successful reproductive health and fertility centres, committed to making the right to family accessible to everyone. Anova is known for their culture of support, effective processes, and their holistic approach to patient care.

Assisted fertility can be stressful and disarming. Since day one, Anova has strived to elevate the patient experience by creating a humanizing and caring environment.

Anova is seeking to expand its footprint to help more Canadians access quality patient centric care.